H&M Autumn Wishlist


Hello! Me again with another autumn wish list. I asked those of you on Instagram what brand you would prefer between h&m and New Look and you chose h&m, which is perfect because I spend the majority of my life in there. I have changed the lay out and the style of post from my last ASOS wish list; this time I am showing you how I’d style the outfits using h&m items. I am a huge fan of neutral and warm tones this season, which is quite paramount throughout each outfit collage. I am also enjoying the classic, chic look at the moment however, I do like to experiment with this by combining feminine skirts or dresses with a pair of trainers, or a baggy jumper over the top to add a more casual style. I am also partial to experimenting with wearing t-shirts with mom jeans whilst sporting a pair of pointed court shoes or a pointed sock boot, and maybe a faux fur coat or an aviator jacket to combine a trendy but relaxed style with chic and class. I have added a few faux fur and corduroy pieces in here as I am also in love with these two fabrics for this season as well. I was going to add a trainer into a few of these outfits however, i couldn’t really find any on H&M that i truly liked. So that being said, I would probably wear my Fila Disruptor’s with the beige and white striped jumper, and the tartan skirt… maybe the yellow dress if i was feeling brave!

I am hoping to do one last wishlist next week to finish off my September 2018 wishlist collection on here, and then maybe I will get brave, and start actually putting my own outfits together of my own stuff, and talk about it! I can’t promise anything yet! Have a good week!

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